Godfall, the latest looter slasher by Gearbox, recently released last week to mixed reviews. However, most notably the game was advertised as including some DirectX12 Ultimate features such as ray traced shadows and variable rate shading, but launched without these features included. Thankfully, a new update has finally added ray tracing features back in, but unfortunately Nvidia users will have to wait.

The new 2.0.95 update has added ray tracing into Godfall, but only for “applicable AMD GPUs”. Obviously that means the brand new Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards which literally just launched today. Either that’s a very quick turnaround, or the developers held back on adding the features into the game knowing it only worked on AMD hardware before the actual AMD hardware came out. My money’s on the latter.

This quick update, 2.0.95 is just for PC and enables the ability for players to play Godfall with ray tracing on while using applicable AMD GPUs,” the patch notes said. “Note: players will need to have the latest AMD GPU drivers to enable this. Ray tracing using NVIDIA GPUs will come with a future update.

So unfortunately those rocking an Nvidia graphics card will have to wait until ray tracing becomes available on their GPUs. No reason was given as to why this is the case, but considering AMD’s support for the game before launch it wouldn't be surprising that developers got the fancy tech working on AMD’s hardware first.

Additionally, the patch notes mention users to “check your version number on the bottom left of the Title Screen or in the Network tab in the Settings to make sure that you have the most recent update for your platform,” if you want to take advantage of the new ray tracing features with your fancy new AMD GPU.

What do you think? Why is ray tracing only available on AMD GPUs right now? How do you feel about waiting for the features on an Nvidia GPU? Or does it not matter to you? And have you been playing Godfall? What do you think? Let us know!