With Cyberpunk 2077 releasing in just 2 weeks time (at least, we’re pretty sure) everyone is eager to get their hands on the next AAA RPG by legendary developers CD Projekt Red. However, the recent third delay of the game was apparently caused by performance issues on current-gen consoles, and so far no gameplay has been shared on the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models.

Thankfully, according to CDPR’s CEO Adam Kicinski, Cyberpunk 2077is performing great on every platform” including the base PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Recently we got a look at the current and next-gen gameplay on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but they were shown running on the higher end Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro current-gen consoles rather than the base versions, sparking worries among the internet.

In a recent financial earnings call to investors, Kicinski mentioned various topics including the aforementioned current gen console performance:

And PS4, yesterday we released the gameplay both on PS4 and PS5. So, you can see the difference. And on both -- I mean, PS5 is great. PS4 is still very good. I mean, we had those extra three weeks and we achieved a lot by -- within this final stretch. So, we believe that the game is performing great on every platform.

So that might help curb anyone’s potential worries about performance on current gen consoles as well as a potential fourth delay to the game.

Additionally, Kicinski also touched on the Cyberpunk multiplayer mode coming at some point after launch, clarifying that more information will be coming next year but no date has been set yet for an official release:

Regarding multiplayer, we haven't announced any date so far and actually, right now, it's not the -- I mean, it's not the moment to talk about any business model for multiplayer, even though we had discussing before.” 

Digging into it some more, Kicinski mentioned that CDPR are not treating it as an added game mode, but actually as a standalone product with some influence from the Single player game: “so, first, we don't call it modes. It's a separate dedicated production, a big production. And we plan -- we think about it as a standalone product.” 

But from our perspective, it's -- is another independent production and independent team of people works on it.” 

We'll share our thoughts about next year once we will update our strategy. It will happen in Q1 next year, and that will be after releasing Cyberpunk and that will be the right moment to discuss deeper or all key aspects around future releases,” hinting that we’ll also be hearing more information regarding any planned Cyberpunk 2077 DLC in the future, free or otherwise, sometime early next year as well.

Unfortunately, Kicinski didn’t go into any more detail than that about Cyberpunk Online as they are clearly still working on it and are most likely still in the early stages of development.

Whether it will be in the veins of multiplayer deathmatches like Call of Duty, or something more like Grand Theft Auto where all players roam the city together, or even something else entirely remains to be seen. But whatever it is, we'll hear more in the first quarter of 2021at least

What do you think? Are you confident about CP2077’s performance on PC and consoles? How do you feel about the multiplayer mode? What do you think it could be? Let us know!

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