Another week and another chance to bag some totally free games from the Epic Games Store, and this time we’re diving into the sim world with MudRunner. Unfortunately no other games have been released for free as Epic Games usually offers 2 or 3 games every week, but once again they’re completely free so who’s complaining?

If you’ve played the original Spintires - which was notorious back in the day for it’s ultra-realistic mud simulation - or maybe you recently picked up the massive sequel SnowRunner, then now’s a good time to check out the series’ middle child. It’s a simulation game at its heart, but it's honestly a lot of fun even for those who aren’t into driving or sim games.

Now let’s dive into the Epic Games Store free games this week…



MudRunner is the ultimate off-road experience putting the players in the driver seat and dares them to take charge of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme Siberian landscapes with only a map and compass as guides!


So that’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store! We usually ask which game you’re most excited to play out of the bunch but since there’s only 1 game on offer here, that’s going to be a bit tricky. Next week the fun action platformer Cave Story+ will be the next free game from the Epic Games Store.

If you enjoy MudRunner and haven’t tried out the sequel SnowRunner yet, it’s currently 40% off on the Epic Games Store right now in the Black Friday Sale.

What do you think? Are you excited to play MudRunner? Have you played the original? What about the sequel? And what’s your favorite driving and/or sim game? Let us know!