If you love playing video games and watching streamers, then Twitch Prime Gaming is the kind of service for you, offering up loads of games and goodies just for having an Amazon or Twitch Prime membership. This month they are giving up free copies of Battlefield 3 that you can claim and keep forever with your subscription.

The offer is available only to those with a Prime account, whether that be through Amazon or Twitch, and is available until December 30th. The Battlefield 3 free game code is for the Origin client (soon to be EA Desktop App) and can be redeemed on there by January 29th, 2021. It’s also only available to PC players, so sorry console boys.

Remember, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription already you are automatically eligible for Twitch Prime Gaming, which means you can get a free code for Battlefield 3 just by signing in to your Amazon account. You can claim your free copy of Battlefield 3 here.

What do you think? Will you be claiming your free Battlefield 3 code? Which is your favorite Battlefield game? And if you already own Battlefield 3, do you still play it? Let us know!