Global Game Awards 2020 Results: Game of the Year - Best Indie - Most Anticipated Game

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Dec 17, 2020 2:50 PM
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We've had some truly great games come out this year, and some shockers too! From the first Half-Life game in over a decade, to a Marvel game that went from 0 excitement, to a very anticipated game, all the back down to 0 again. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions, and the Global Game Awards 2020 results are no different.

Here we take a look at the winners of the biggest awards, from the titular Game of the Year, to the humble Best Indie award, all the way to the Most Anticipated Game of 2021. We've already listed out the results for each category and genre in gaming, but it's time for the big leagues, the hot shots, the Olympic gold medalists to have their turn. 

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The winner will be announced on the original article mentioned above, so be sure to check it when we update it with the winner! However, if you want to take a look at the other Global Game Awards 2020 winners then check out the links below:

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So what are we waiting for? Let's jump right in and find out the 3 biggest winners of the Global Game Awards 2020...

Game of the Year 2020

Assassins Creed: Valhalla

We'll be honest, just like last year we are quite surprised by the winner of this year's titular Game of the Year 2020 award. It sure looked like it was going to be Cyberpunk 2077 at one point, but Ubisoft's latest venture in the Assassins Creed franchise pulled ahead and ultimately won the crowd over.

Assassins Creed: Valhalla takes some big steps in the AC universe. Whilst the core gameplay largely remains the same as the previous two entries, Valhalla elevates the minute details to something. Taking criticisms of the last two games and fine tuning the experience until it becomes the very best of the new trilogy. Like it or hate it, Valhalla shows that even a troubled franchise can bounce back to please the masses.

Best Indie 2020


There were a lot of great Indie games this year, but ultimately there could only be 1 crowned as the best of 2020. Looking back now, who else could it have been other than Hades? This particular indie title swept the world by storm when it was released in Early Access, but the full release this year saw the most popular it had ever been.

Absolutely trumping every other indie game on the list, Hades deserves the number 1 spot this year. No other indie can quite compare really, and with the roguelike genre blowing up in popularity in recent years, it was the perfect time for Supergiant Games to have their own go at the genre. And it certainly seems to have worked out for them.

Most Anticipated Game of 2021

Far Cry 6

Even though Ubisoft's franchise has been in troubled waters ever since the excellent Far Cry 3 came out, many fans are clearly still excited at the prospect of another entry. We still don't really know many details about it, other than that it stars the bad guy behind every villain plot these days, Giancarlo Esposito.

Nevertheless, Far Cry 6 will be taking us to a brand new exotic location, and if rumors are anything to go by this will be one of the biggest and most detailed yet. Maybe it was the controversy surrounding Far Cry 5's launch, or maybe it was the redemption arc that FC5 seems to have made in the last year, but FC6 has everyone excited and ready for the future of the franchise.

And that's it for the Global Game Awards 2020, and so concludes another year of great games. Congratulations to all the winners across all the categories, and make sure to let us know what you think of the results this year in the discussion area below!

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12:40 Dec-24-2020

Not sure if Assassins Creed deserves this credential even though its a decent game. Personally prefer Ghost of Tsushima if we are to compare similar genres. Even though its not a popular opinion, FF7 Remake would be my personal goty due to the nostalgia, music and just how the game plays overall. CP2077 has to many issue currently to be considered but I will revisit it later after many updates. Thought Demon Souls would be considered even though it isnt exactly a new ip.

admin approved badge
07:07 Dec-18-2020

Game-Debate's GOTY2020 goes to... Not-Assassin's Creed Anymore: Valhalla ?!


disappointed gif

16:26 Dec-17-2020

Boy cp2077 is another damn league than ac valhalla, but yeah wasn't really out at the time of voting and on ps is buggy as hell, but i palyed about 15 hours and it is amazing

19:27 Dec-17-2020

Same, 40 hours into CP2077 on PC and it's amazing, especially its graphics. It'll age like wine when eventually bugs get fixed and addons coming out.

07:06 Jan-05-2021

cyberjunk is over-rated as f*ck after Million videos pointing out how empty the world is you want to give it goty haha what a joke

15:02 Dec-17-2020

I did not expect valhalla to win AT ALL honestly. Ubisoft really pulled a fast one.

admin approved badge
15:47 Dec-17-2020

It is surprising but when you look at the other games it shows why it happened on a PC news site:

  1. Somewhat disappointing multiplat title

  2. Console exclusive

  3. Console exclusive

  4. Unreleased when voting went live and broken release

  5. Mixed opinions

  6. VR title

  7. Mediocre console game ported to PC

  8. Disappointing title

  9. Niche title

  10. Niche title

  11. Niche title

  12. Niche title.


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