Whilst every year is mostly dominated by the obscene amount of Steam games sales, this year is looking a little bit different as the likes of Epic Games Store, GOG, and even the Humble Bundle Store are all trying to grab your attention and get their own chunk of the holiday spending.

No doubt though that by this time a lot of these sales have been going on for a while, and chances are that many of you have already picked up on a great deal on one of the stores. So, with plenty of time still before any of the sales periods stop, we wanted to know what gaming bargains and gems have you discovered in the Holiday Sales?

Sometimes it’s hard to find a true gem as they’re usually buried away beneath all the featured deals and titles hogging the limelight on front pages. But every once in a while you can find a really great deal that no one is talking about, either because it’s really cheap or it’s a brand new game that’s on sale for a little less already.

So here’s a place that I thought we could all share our best finds in the holiday sales, perhaps in hopes of giving a much lesser known deal the limelight and something that we’ll all benefit from.

And it doesn’t even have to be about games, with the recent release of the RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series sometimes a great deal can be found on hardware for our PCs. Maybe you found an elusive RTX 3080 at a discounted price (I know, hard to believe, but that’s kind of the point of this article though).

So what bargains/gems have you picked up in the holiday sales? Found any great game deals? What about PC hardware? And did you blow out a huge chunk of your wallet on your wishlist of games/hardware this year? Let’s debate!

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