This year has seen a brand new generation of graphics cards bringing us some of the biggest leaps in gaming performance for a while now, the only problem is you can't actually get them. Both the RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series have been plagued with low stock issues and an unprecedented amount of demand. But now Nvidia has reportedly signed a new deal with Samsung to create even more RTX 30 series GPUs in the next year.

Nvidia originally contracted Samsung to manufacture the 8nm RTX 30 series graphics cards, which has so far given us the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and now the recently released RTX 3060 Ti.

Of course, all of those GPUs are pretty much out of stock everywhere, so good luck finding one. In addition, Nvidia stated that supply issues will continue well into 2021. But the new deal with Samsung opens up some hope about actually getting a new RTX 30 GPU in the next year.

There’s no information about the new deal with Samsung, apart from that it’s worth “hundreds of billions of won,” (one hundred billion won is roughly $90 million by the way), so speculation has obviously run wild.

One potential reason for the contract would be a new ‘Super’ series of GPUs like Nvidia did with the RTX 20 series. Though another explanation could also be for more mainstream cards like the base RTX 3060 or even RTX 3050, as well as a possible enthusiast RTX 3080 Ti that is rumored to launch next year.

Another more likely reason would be that this new contract will focus on the mobile RTX 30 series GPUs that we’re expecting to learn about at the GeForce RTX Special Broadcast Event next year.

Though one last assumption would be that Nvidia had already discussed the mobile and mainstream graphics cards with the original deal for Samsung, and this new deal is simply to bolster their supply given the amount of stock issues at the moment. That would certainly prove successful and give Nvidia a much bigger leg up over AMD, who uses TSMC for manufacturing their cards.

Whatever the new deal is, hopefully it will lead to more RTX 30 graphics cards available in the future, and mean that we’ll actually have a chance at buying one.

What do you think? What could the new Samsung deal be for? Are you still looking to get an RTX 30 series GPU? Which one are you wanting to get? And is it better to get one as it’s available? Or wait for the more mainstream/enthusiast GPUs to come out? Let us know!

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