If 2020 was already an action-packed year in terms of video games, then 2021 surely isn’t going to disappoint either. There are some truly exciting Action games coming out next year that look to be just as action-packed as this year’s plethora of games.

From exploring another tropical setting that is ripe with tension in Far Cry 6, to battling the paranormal mysteries of a neo Tokyo, all the way to hunting down and taking out your targets in the most creative ways possible in Hitman 3, here are our top picks for the most anticipated Action games of 2021...


Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series is one of the most cherished Action game franchises out there, and it was the birthplace of Ubisoft’s perfect open world formula when Far Cry 3 came out. 3 games later and we’re getting a brand new adventure set on a brand new tropical paradise, featuring some incredible talent like Giancarlo Esposito. We’re excited to hear more about this game and what it will be delivering next year for sure.


Skull and Bones

Not a whole lot is known about Skull and Bones as of now, since it looks like Ubisoft can;t quite decide what kind of game they want to be. All we know is that it’s based on the excellent ship-to-ship combat that was introduced in the Assassin's Creed franchise, and that’s exciting enough to warrant a spot on our list, even if we have no idea whether it will actually finally come out next year.


GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo looks to be pretty weird if we’re being honest, nevertheless that weirdness has intrigued us. Fighting against the paranormal entities of a neo tokyo, this looks to be quite the action packed ride that we’re definitely excited for.


Hitman 3

What is there to say about Hitman 3 that isn’t obvious already? IO Interactive’s latest reboot of the series has gone down phenomenally well, and we’re super excited to see how the new trilogy concludes the story of Agent 47. We don’t want it to end, but we know it has to at some point. Either way, we’re definitely excited for this game in the new year.


Nioh 2

Technically already released on PlayStation before, Nioh 2 is finally coming to PC next year. It’s not your typical soulslike duplicate, as it does a lot of stuff differently to From Software’s masterful series. Touted as pretty much a Dark Souls but Anime, Nioh is so much more than that and we can;t wait to get our hands on it in the new year.


So that’s it for all the most anticipated Action games of 2021. Vote for your favorite one in the poll just underneath, and if it’s a game that’s not mentioned here then let us know in the discussion area below!

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