The PC gaming community is huge, and largely comprised various different setups and rigs. The unimaginable amount of customizability is one of the many reasons why so many of us are attracted to the platform. But upgrading/building a new rig can get pretty pricey, especially when you’re looking at some of the top-of-the-line hardware like the RTX 30 series or RX 6000 series.

However, there is another way to cut down on costs when buying new PC components: getting them second hand.

Oof, I know, I know, I heard the collective gasp of many of you as soon as you read that statement. To many, it’s blasphemous to even suggest getting refurbished PC components, as any good PC gamer would know: it’s bad luck to get a GPU tarnished by other hands.

It does make sense to be hesitant though considering that PC hardware can be so delicate at times, and the idea of one component that could potentially break down the line because some guy from the town over loved to blow his vape through his PC fans and make them go whoosh in the RGB lighting isn’t exactly the most comforting.

What’s worse is that if a PC component does eventually die on you later down the line, you’ll have no idea if it was because of you or that rando you got it from online. And usually an essential component dies just when you need it the most, as is Murphy's law.

Probably the biggest issue with buying refurbished components is the worry that the previous owner used it for mining, as mining GPUs are often kept running for weeks or even months at full power, which potentially damages the circuitry and reduces the lifespan significantly.

Then again, all that pretty much pales in comparison to how much cheaper you can get some of these components at times. A top end GPU could potentially drop to half price, and considering that all the RTX 30 cards are out of stock, wouldn’t that be a pretty good deal?

Last year we asked you the exact same question around Christmas time as well, but considering all the issues with stock availability at the moment we wanted to see if any of you have changed your minds?

For perspective, last year's results were as follows: when asked if you buy refurbished PC components, most of you said "Never" with 200 votes, followed by a humble 125 votes for "Sometimes". 37 of you voted for "Rarely" and only 17 voted "Always". Will those numbers change this year? We'll see...

What do you think? Is it okay to buy refurbished PC components? Have you ever bought one? How often do you usually buy them? Let’s debate!

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