The holiday season is nearly over, even though it is a new year already to some the festive period still lingers. Either way it can only mean one thing: we’ve all opened our holiday presents by now. So what we want to know is what gaming goodies did you get for the 2020 Holidays?

Was it a brand new game? A new graphics card you’ve been hoping for? Did grandma knit you another jumper but this time it has some vague gaming reference on it? Whatever it is, we want to get in the festive cheer because Christmas isn’t over yet even though it’s January already.

In reality though, this year hasn’t been great for anybody due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, which has made the holiday season a bit difficult for most of us. So instead of putting this article out on Boxing Day like we should have done usually, we thought about giving everyone some ample time to collect all the presents from your various relatives as restrictions on travel and socializing continue in various parts of the world.

Whether it’s something directly connected to gaming or something a little bit more obscure but still references it, we’d love to know what you got. Was there a game that you’ve been wanting all year but couldn't justify the purchase like Cyberpunk 2077? Or maybe someone was able to find you one of those elusive RTX 30 series graphics cards like an RTX 3080 or even a Ryzen 5000 CPU like the Ryzen 5 5600X?

Maybe it was just a set of small gifts like some coasters for your mugs that have various video game characters on it. Or maybe a gaming chair branded with the CD Projekt Red logo on it and in the cool yellow pantone color that now haunts our dreams?

Whatever you got for the holidays, we want to know! Was it hardware? A new game? Or something more obscure? Let us know!