2020 has proven to be a pretty mediocre year for game optimization, as yesterday's 10 best optimized games of 2020 dropped to a score of 6.8 at Number 10, which is pretty low for 10th place. This year though doesn't see any optimization scores drop below 2.3 which is not bad, and the top spot has certainly been worse in previous years.

Finding out whether a game is well optimized is easy - head to it’s game page here on Game Debate and you will see it's GD Optimization Score, as voted for by you (the lower the number, the worse the optimization is according to the GD community). 

We've also got a dedicated page for all the scores in the link above, and if you ever head to a game page on your travels do remember to vote and add your opinion as it helps immensely. The more votes there are, the more accurate the scores. As such, to aid accuracy, we have ruled out any games which have received fewer than 25 votes.

Over the past year, you guys have been voting on what you think about the performance on some of the latest AAA titles, and whether you thought they were optimized like a well oiled machine, or if they run like garbage on a hot day. So here’s our official list of the 10 worst optimized PC Games Of 2020...

Rank Game Optimization Score
1 Call of Duty Warzone 2.3
2 Godfall 2.9
3 Back 4 Blood 3.1
4 Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord 3.5
5 Horizon: Zero Dawn 3.6
6 Phasmophobia 3.7
7 F1 2020 4.1
8 Marvel's Avengers 4.2
9 SnowRunner 4.6
10 Genshin Impact 4.7

Just like yesterday, there are quite a few surprises and expected titles here. First of all COD Warzone takes the top spot this year as the worst optimized game of 2020, most likely due to the sheer number of players. This is then followed by Godfall and Back 4 Blood in close 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Obviously, Back 4 Blood isn't officially out yet and what's shown here is mostly from the Closed Alpha that just happened. Considering it's in Alpha stages poor performance is a given as the developers work on optimizing the game before release, so we'll most likely see better performance at launch.

I'm surprised to see that Watch Dogs Legion didn't make the list, and was sure I'd find it somewhere here. Alas, it looks like WD Legion runs okay on most systems, so did not make the top 10 this year.

Obviously these number change around as more and more people play these games and vote for them on their respective game pages. So scores may vary, but the more votes means more accurate results, and this is just a general guide as to what are the best and worst optimized games of the year based on your own feedback.

So what do you think of this list? Are these some of the worst optimized games of 2020? Or do you think there are others that should take their place? Let us know!

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