Best holiday gaming deals, last chance for some amazing discounts

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Jan 4, 2021 2:30 PM
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As the holidays slowly start to come to an end, so too do the holiday sales. So this is your last chance to catch some truly amazing gaming deals and bag yourself a couple bargains. If you haven’t already taken part in our recent Up For Debate on what gaming bargains and gems have people discovered in the holiday sales, then here’s a quick list of some of the best games and deals I could find that end soon.

All of these deals take place across different store platforms and I chose the best deals based on price for them. That means that whilst some stores will have the same price as each other, some other stores will offer a special discount/promo code for even better deals. So if you’re not a particular fan of a specific digital store, then chances are you’ll find the same price on another store of choice.

For instance, a lot of games mentioned for the Epic Games Store are also available on Steam, but EGS also offers an unlimited amount of $10 coupons that are redeemable on games priced $14.99 or higher, which means oftentimes the deal is much more worth it on the Epic Games Store than Steam.

Even though we already asked you shortly into the Holidays what deals and gems you found yourselves, we’d obviously love to hear them again if you found something else worth purchasing since then, or if a game really does deserve to be mentioned again.

Now on with the deals!...

Best Winter gaming deals and discounts

Before we dive right into the deals, I want to take this moment to list out some of the best deals per storefront as some of them offer exclusive promo odes/coupons for using their own store.

First of all, we already mentioned the Epic Games Store which is offering unlimited $10 coupons on purchases over $14.99, which is quite the steal for a lot of games.

Next and last, we have the Ubisoft Store which is running in parallel with the Epic Games Store. Since both stores have an agreement with each other, it looks like Ubisoft is trying to do their own Winter discount with a special 21% discount code on top of the already discounted games by using the promo code WELCOME2021.

This means you can get AC Valhalla, Game Debate's Game of the Year according to your votes, for even less than $49.79, which is already discounted by 17%. Obviously it's your choice what storefront you want to buy from, but I recommend using Ubisoft if you're planning to get any of the Gold/Special/Ultimate Editions as the promo code discount will end up better on there than the EGS coupon.

Game Price Discount Storefront
DOOM Eternal $19.79 67% Steam
Metro: Exodus $15.99 60% Steam + Epic Games Store
Horizon: Zero Dawn $39.99 20%
Red Dead Redemption 2 $40.19 33%
Rainbow Six: Siege $7.99 60%
Far Cry 5 $14.99 75%
Assassins Creed: Valhalla $49.79 17% Epic Games Store + Ubisoft Store
Watch Dogs Legion $40.19 33%
Immortals: Fenyx Rising $40.19 33%
Total War: Three Kingdoms* $29.99 50% Humble Bundle Store
Total War: Warhammer 2* $20.39 66%
Fallout 4** $8.99 70%
Wasteland 3** $40.19 33%
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War $39.99 33.3% Blizzard Shop
Overwatch: Legendary Edition $19.99 50%

*Part of the Humble Bundle Total War Sale

**Part of the Humble Bundle Dark Futures Sale

When do the gaming sales end?

There's a lot of Winter and holiday sales out there at the moment, but taking a look at the various deals we've found above, here are when all the gaming sales end.

Storefront Date PT ET GMT AEDT
Steam January 5th 10am 1pm 6pm 5am (Jan 6th)
Epic Games Store January 7th 8am 11am 4pm 3am (Jan 8th)
Ubisoft Store
Humble Bundle Store January 4th / 5th* 10am 1pm 6pm 5am
Blizzard shop January 5th 12am 3am 8am 7pm

*In the case of the Humble Bundle Store, both bundles of games mentioned above have slightly different end dates for their sales. Both deals for Fallout 4 and Wasteland 3 will end today, whilst the Total War franchise ends tomorrow.

So that's it for our top picks of the best Holiday gaming deals and discounts. Let us know if you picked any of them up! And also if there are any other great deals that we may have missed!

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13:57 Jan-05-2021

AC Valhalla at 17% discount is a joke not a best holiday gaming deal.

10:03 Jan-05-2021

the coupon is not unlimited, is one time use

08:44 Jan-05-2021

Thanks, this article with condensed pricing, sale % and location is really useful. Hope to see more of it.

07:12 Jan-05-2021

payday 2 for 34 INR only like holy **** thats cheap

admin approved badge
20:05 Jan-04-2021

Got RDR 2 for 30e on Epic, enjoying it :)

14:32 Jan-04-2021

I recently bought BFV, BF4 and BF 1 bundle on steam for 30€ pretty good deal.


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