It’s been said a million times already but Cyberpunk 2077’s launch hasn’t exactly been the best. From numerous bugs to extreme performance issues on last gen consoles that even got the game delisted from the PlayStation Store, many have been upset with how the game released. And many have also voiced their opinions on the subject online.

However, a rumor that has been going around about Cyberpunk 2077's troubled development that has recently gained a lot of traction is completely false, according to the developers CD Projekt Red.

The rumor revealed supposed comments from a CDPR developer who remained anonymous, and touched on issues with cut content, major updates and patches, company executive pressure, and entire rewrites of code along with departures from key developers.

They even made a direct comparison to No Mans Sky and it's troubled launch that eventually made a major comeback thanks to multiple free content updates.

Since the rumor has spread quite significantly, an employee at CDPR known as Vattier responded on the official CD Projekt Red forums stating that they are “simply not true,” breaking one of their rules for never commenting on rumors.

We usually do not comment on rumours,” Vattier said in response to the forum post, “but this is simply not true.

This does not mean that CDPR are no longer working on getting the game into a good state that they intended it to be in at launch, or that they are no longer working on the planned DLC, free or otherwise. Instead, it just means that the lavish comments made about the game’s development aren’t true, and instead we should just wait and see what the developers reveal next.

What do you think? Did you read the rumor? How do you feel about the state of Cyberpunk 2077 so far? Do you think it will become another No Mans Sky? And what could make it better? Let us know!

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