Companies love franchises, as they can be easily adapted into multiple forms of media and make even more money for executives and investors. Just take a look at Star Wars: a multi-billion franchise that spans movies, video games, comic books, novels, TV shows, toys etc. But what TV show would make a great video game that hasn’t been done before?

It’s part of that age old tradition that turns a movie into a video game, or a video game into a movie. The problem is that usually movies are a contained story that spans a few hours, trying to stretch that out into a 10, 20, or even 50 hour video game usually doesn’t end too well. TV shows on the other hand offer up a much longer period of time in order to tell a story.

We’ve asked this same question before multiple times, but the other way around. So now we’re flipping it, and instead of asking what games would make a great TV series, we want to know what TV series would make a great video game.

And to be clear, anything goes here. From simply suggesting a TV series, to delving deep into what that video game would look and even play like. It also opens up opportunities to talk about new games based off of TV shows that have already had games made from them.

For instance, Game of Thrones is one of the most successful shows ever made (despite how you feel about the last couple seasons) and so of course a few video games were made as well. However, if you have an idea for an even better concept of a video game based on the Game of Thrones universe then let us know!

Imagine a psychological horror game based on the Black Mirror series, or a massive MMORPG based on Westworld (okay I know that one started out as a movie but the show is way better). The limit is your own imagination here.

Finally, how would the TV series aspect impact the way the game’s story was told? Would it be episodic? Or simply mash each episode into one long quest that spans 100s of hours? Let’s debate!

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