The Epic Games Store has so far been giving a wealth of games for free every week - except for the Holiday period in which they gave a total of 15 free games over 15 days. Although this week sees the roguelite strategy RPG Crying Suns offered up for free, next week will also offer a familiar sci-fi shooter as well…

That’s right, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be completely free to keep next week on the Epic Games Store. And just to be clear this is the most recent one from Dice, not the original Battlefront 2 that took up many of our childhoods. Either way it’s a great deal for a fun multiplayer shooter.

Disregarding all the negativity towards the game upon release, If you’re a big fan of Star Wars I can’t even stress how cool it is to be able to interact with some incredibly detailed environments from some iconic locations in the film. The game has also come a long way since the backlash at launch, so it’s certainly worth trying out if you get it for free.

Of course, no more content will be coming out for SWBF2 anymore, so it’s a great time to offer the game for free and rebuild that playerbase at least.

What do you think? Have you played Star Wars Battlefront 2? Do you think it has improved since launch? Let us know!

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