This year CES is a little different as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the original physical convention and replaced it with a brand new virtual CES. Unfortunately it means you won’t be able to gawk at a lot of the tech on the show floor, but it at least means it’s a lot easier to watch some of the more important keynotes like Nvidia or AMD.

Both keynotes will be taking place in a few hours on both Nvidia and AMD’s respective YouTube channels, and also seem to be taking place back-to-back. First up is AMD at 8am PT (11am ET, 4pm GMT), followed by Nvidia at 9am PT (12pm ET, 5pm GMT) - although Nvidia’s YouTube livestream says it will be starting 15 minutes earlier than that.

Conference PT time ET time GMT time CET time AEST time
AMD 8am 11am 4pm 5pm 3am (Jan 13th)
Nvidia 9am 12pm 5pm 6pm 4am (Jan 13th)

AMD CES 2021 livestream

AMD hasn’t given a lot away regarding their CES 2021 presentation, though rumors point towards a fair few things. First of all, AMD is expected to focus on their Zen 3 lineup for the laptop market, and possibly even touch on the Epyc server processors.

The most exciting rumor is that AMD will unveil their RX 6700 graphics cards, which should provide a much more affordable mid-tier gaming GPU to the desktop market.

Nvidia CES 2021 livestream

Nvidia’s own CES 2021 conference is a little different than AMD’s in that we know a little bit more about what they will actually be talking about. First and foremost will be the RTX 30 mobile graphics cards series, which some specs have leaked ahead of the reveal. 

Additionally, Nvidia is expected to reveal their own version of AMD’s Smart Access Memory (also known as ReSize BAR), as well as a possible collaboration with the upcoming game Outriders. So expect another game to add to the ever growing list of DLSS-compatible games.

The last mystery could be a new desktop graphics card reveal, and whilst we hope it’s the RTX 3080 Ti that’s set to rival their very own RTX 3090 and AMD's RX 6900 XT, it’s more likely to be the rumored RTX 3060 Ultra.

So hopefully now you know exactly when and where to watch the AMD and Nvidia livestreams at CES 2021! Which one are you most excited for? What are you expecting and hoping to see from each manufacturer? Let us know!

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