Nvidia is bringing official support for Resizable BAR (better known as Smart Access Memory) to their RTX 30 series graphics cards in March, but MSI has announced that they will be adding support early for AM4 motherboards before the required vBIOS update from Nvidia rolls out.

This whole thing is starting to get a bit confusing now, so I’ll try to make it as clear as possible: AMD started rolling out a new feature called Smart Access Memory (AKA: ReSize BAR) that essentially allows the CPU access to an unlimited amount of the GPU VRAM at a time, basically providing a free performance boost (albeit, relatively small, but free nonetheless).

Since then, many hardware manufacturers have been trying to support the feature across a range of hardware. At first it was exclusive to Ryzen 5000 CPUs paired with RX 6000 GPUs on AMD 500 series motherboards. But now that is starting to change.

We saw Intel chips working with Radeon cards, and then with RTX 30 series cards as well, and now we’ve bridged the final gap as MSI brings ReSize BAR support to RTX 30 graphics cards on AMD’s AM4 motherboards. That includes the X570, B550, A520, X470 MAX, and B450 MAX mobos. Here’s the full list of all MSI motherboards that currently support ReSize BAR:

"*Active Re-size BAR function with only selected AM4 processors and specific BIOS version."

Unfortunately if you’re using the X470 or B450 motherboards you’ll have to wait until February to get the Beta BIOS update. All other motherboards will have the update soon. That’s still ahead of Nvidia’s official support rolling out in March, so you’ll be able to see the performance boost before then at least.

Here’s also a quick breakdown of where to activate the setting once you’ve downloaded the specified BIOS update:

What do you think? Will you be enabling the ReSize BAR feature on your motherboard? Have you already enabled it? What kind of performance boost have you seen? Let us know!

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