Atomic Heart has been one of the more mysterious RPGs that is (hopefully) coming out in 2021. No release date is set, but everyday feels like we’re getting closer and closer. Recently, developers Mundfish released a video with Nvidia showcasing the shiny ray tracing features that are featured in the game.

We’ve already seen some lovely ray tracing in action before, along with a proper gameplay trailer complete with a Mick Gordon soundtrack. Atomic Heart will also feature Nvidia’s delicious DLSS technology so we can actually run it. You can check out the new Atomic Heart RTX trailer below:

I will say that whilst it’s nice to see some actual gameplay at the end, it would have been better to see some gameplay in an environment that actually makes use of the ray traced lighting and reflections a lot better. Hopefully we'll get some ray tracing system requirements soon other than the already-released early PC system requirements.

Munfdish did reveal that they “don't want to release a half-baked product,” so we won’t be hearing an official release date until it’s very clear the developers can meet it. Judging by the trailer above everything seems to be coming along quite nicely, so fingers crossed we’ll get some news soon! Though to be fair, a 1 minute trailer is absolutely not representative of the state of the entire game, so who knows really.

What do you think? Are you excited for Atomic Heart? Did you like the trailer? Will you be enabling ray tracing and DLSS? Let us know!

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