The RTX 30 series graphics cards have been tough to get at the moment, not the least bit due to shortages in manufacturing components and increased prices due to tariffs and logistical costs. Arguably one of the biggest reasons why no one can snatch up one of the new cards is because cryptocurrency miners are buying dozens at a time.

Right now there is a boom going on in the crypto mining market, as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin keep going up in price and the new GPUs offering massive performance per watt increases, the new RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series are extremely desirable.

Speaking at a recent conference, Colette Kress, the executive vice president and chief financial officer at Nvidia, said that the company may restart production of their crypto mining-specific GPUs (called CMPs) in order to combat the craze. This would hopefully open up the gaming-specific graphics cards to the general market.

We’ve already seen the start of it this week as MSI is readying some mining-specific RTX 3060 Ti GPUs, and so we thought about expanding on this topic with the usual Up For Debate.

However, would this even be a good idea? And would it actually even help? Crypto mining-specific cards feature no video outputs, something miners don’t need in their rigs. And so that opens up a new hardware for miners to focus on buying, whilst standard gamers can focus on getting their own gaming cards.

But then on the other hand, if those crypto mining GPUs go out of stock as well then miners will just start buying up the gaming ones anyway again. In fact, you could even argue that miners would buy the gaming variants anyway in hopes that they could sell the GPU afterwards for some amount of money at least - something that many of you mentioned in the article about MSI this week. But would anyone even buy a GPU after it was used for mining?

Additionally, when asked whether you think this will help GPU stock at all, a whopping 85 of you voted for “No - Not at all”, followed by only 30 votes for “Yes - A little” and a measly 8 votes for “Yes - A lot”.

So what do you think? Would it be a good idea for Nvidia to release crypto mining-specific RTX 30 graphics cards? Would it help the gaming segment? Or would it not make a difference? And what do you think could help alleviate the situation? Let's debate!


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