Nioh 2 PC graphics settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Feb 4, 2021 10:59 AM
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The sequel to the samurai soulslike game Nioh is finally arriving on PC after a year of exclusivity on PlayStation, with a whole host of new additions and improvements to the game specifically for PC. But what kind of graphics settings are available in Nioh 2? And by how much can we adjust them?

There's not actually a whole lot of graphics settings available in Nioh 2, though there are some interesting settings here and there. How much these graphics settings actually impact performance is another matter to be explored in our Nioh 2 PC Performance benchmarks article. But for now, let's dive in and take a look at the official Nioh 2 PC graphics settings...


Nioh 2 graphics settings

  • Setting Type - Very Low Quality/Highest Quality/Actions/Cinematic/Custom
  • Display Mode - Full Screen/Windowed/Borderless
  • Screen Resolution
  • Rendering Resolution - 50% > 100%
  • Frame Rate Cap - 30/60/120
  • Shadows - Off/Low Quality/Medium Quality/High Quality
  • Motion Blur - Off/On

  • Dynamic Reflections - Off/On
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off/On
  • Texture Quality - Low/High
  • Effect Quality - Low/High
  • Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights - Off/On


And that's it for all the graphics settings available in Nioh 2, which is not actually a whole lot to be honest. Which is interesting given how much you can customize almost every other aspect of the game like the gameplay, UI, and controls for keyboard & mouse or gamepads.

The use of a frame rate cap is very helpful, same as a Rendering Resolution scale. Though unfortunately the latter cannot be used above values of 100%, and so any form of upscaling is out of the question. That's not exactly an issue right now, but does mean that future hardware won't be able to take full advantage of the extra graphical horsepower that they provide. It's still a nice addition nonetheless though.

Another graphics setting worth noting is DLSS, which is not currently listed here as it's not supported right now. However, Team Ninja has confirmed that DLSS will be coming to Nioh 2 on PC at some stage, either at launch or in a later update. 

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