Nvidia pretty much changed the landscape of gaming when they revealed DLSS, their proprietary AI-upscaling software that essentially provides a massive FPS performance boost with very minor reduction in quality. AMD’s equivalent, FidelityFX Super Resolution, was briefly teased at their RX 6000 series reveal, and is reportedly launching in March of this year.

According to a new report, AMD will be releasing a driver update for 2 of their resolution-based technologies which will include FidelityFX Super Resolution and Radeon Boost. The driver update is apparently launching March 2021, which will be the official debut of AMD’s DLSS-equivalent tech, if the report is true.

Previously AMD said that they were focusing on a game-agnostic technology, which would allow players to enable FidelityFX Super Resolution on any game they are playing. Conversely, Nvidia's DLSS has to be implemented into specific games by developers themselves.

However, it looks like AMD might not be doing this anymore as a new slide suggests they are working with game developers to implement the technology on a per game basis instead, such as Borderlands 3. Either because the technology requires a bit more support from AMD, or because developing a game-agnostic AI upscaling technology would prove too difficult.

Either way, it's not a confirmation that AMD's DLSS-equivalent will be a per-game implementation, but it may be that early iterations will require it to be manually implemented before it becomes properly cross-platform and game-agnostic.

As mentioned above, the driver update will also be for AMD’s Radeon Boost technology, which is another resolution-based tech that aims to increase performance by dynamically adjusting the game resolution. 

Initially, this tech aims to increase performance during fast-paced gameplay by dynamically reducing the resolution. But current iterations affect the entire frame, which could dramatically reduce quality. This new update will reportedly increase quality by only adjusting the resolution to moving parts of the frame instead of the full picture.

So if you’re drifting a car around a corner, or have to snap your aim during an intense gunfight, no longer will your car or weapon go blurry due to the technology, and they will instead remain high quality models whilst the fast moving parts of the screen are reduced.

If the report is true and AMD does plan on releasing this driver update by the end of March this year, then we will surely be hearing something more concrete about it soon.

What do you think? Are you excited for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution? How do you feel about it becoming another per-game implementation? And do you use Radeon Boost? What do you think of it? And will this reported update make you use it more/be more satisfied with it? Let us know!

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