During their online CES 2021 keynote, Nvidia officially revealed the RTX 3060 graphics card to introduce into the mainstream desktop market. Rumors originally put the card’s release on February 25th, and Nvidia has recently confirmed that this is indeed the official launch date for the new GPU.

So the RTX 3060 is launching on February 25th and is supposed to retail at an MSRP of $329. However, as we know prices have been rising thanks to shortages in GPU components as well as increased prices on tariffs and logistical costs. As such, many retailers have already dramatically increased their prices ahead of the official launch.

The official MSRP for the RTX 3060 is $329 in the US, for Europe that is 329 Euros or 1599 PLN for Poland. Looking at some official prices now for some EU retailers we can see that they have been raised up to 659 Euros or 3099 PLN. In fact, the minimum price for an RTX 3060 by this particular retailer is 499 Euros or 2799 PLN, that’s a 52% or 75% increase over MSRP at minimum.

Here's a quick breakdown of the minimum and maximum prices from this particular European retailer:

RTX 3060 MSRP Minimum price % increase over MSRP Maximum price % increase over MSRP
USD 329 - - - -
Euros 329 499 +52% 659 +100%
PLN 1599 2799 +75% 3099 +94%

Thankfully that’s not quite over twice the MSRP like some retailer in Pakistan who started selling the GPUs early and at over 2x the suggested retail pricing.

What’s worse is that according to some Nvidia internal embargo guidelines, they expected retailers to offer the initial batches of the RTX 3060 at MSRP. This meant that retailers would allow users to pre-order these GPUs at MSRP instead of the inflated prices.

However, many reports have come in from customers that their pre-orders have been cancelled and they are now asked to re-order the same graphics card but at an inflated price.

Adding to that, some retailers have even massively increased the price in just a week’s time. Last week the Zotac RTX 3060 Twin Edge was listed for 490 Euros, but that price has since increased to 689 Euros in a week. Similarly, the overclocked version of the same card has gone from 599 Euros to 699 Euros in the same timeframe.

At this point you may as well get an RTX 3060 Ti instead as they will be listed at pretty much the same price. No US retailers have listed their prices yet so we do not know what the situation will be like over there, but judging by everything that’s been happening recently we can assume we’ll see a similar situation if not worse.

There's also the question of whether anyone will be able to actually get their hands on one as stock has been severely limited for all GPUs recently. Additionally, crypto miners have been going crazy over the new GPUs, even settling for RTX 30 laptops due to low stock. So customers are having to compete against them as well.

What do you think? Will you be getting an RTX 3060 when it launches? Or have you given up trying to get one? What would be the most you’d pay for an RTX 3060 now? And have you spotted any major price increases in your country/region? Let us know!

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