Last week it was revealed that Ubisoft still plans to launch Rainbow Six Quarantine by September 2021, however the official name might change to something else in order to distance itself from the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Well, it seems the official name change has been leaked on the PlayStation store, and the game might be coming sooner than expected.

According to a pretty compelling report, Rainbow Six: Quarantine is being renamed into Rainbow Six: Parasite. The report comes from an official patch that was uploaded onto the PlayStation network, where it was picked up by a website that automatically scans for title updates on all games on PSN.

The report was able to dig through the patch files and find the new name, Rainbow Six Parasite, as well as what looks like the official PlayStation 4 dashboard icon, boot screen, and an image regarding the remote play feature for R6 Parasite (though no descriptions for the controls were listed).

What is interesting about this report is that the patch version was detailed as 1.01 and labelled as the “Initial launch patch.” Although it is still a lot of speculation, it seems unlikely for a patch of this scale to be released this early before the game’s official launch, which suggests an even earlier launch than Ubisoft has been letting on.

What do you think? Is Rainbow Six Parasite a better name than Rainbow Six Quarantine? Especially in context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Do you think these are signs for the game to release sooner than we thought? Let us know!

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