The 2021 cryptocurrency craze has claimed another victim, though this time with a more plausible reason as to why. As the COVID-19 pandemic prevents everyone from meeting in person, Internet Cafes have been struggling with the reduced business, but some have now transformed into a massive GPU mining farm for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency mining is back on the rise with a massive boom in popularity thanks in part to the new RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series of graphics cards and the recent increase in cryptocurrency value. Many manufacturers and retailers have pointed out that these miners have not significantly affected stock, yet one look at the pictures provided tends to change your perspective.

An Internet Cafe in Vietnam has decided to try and stay afloat by turning their entire business strategy into a crypto mining farm instead because “profits are higher than net business” as they said.

This particular Internet Cafe is actually owned by a computer store, hence all the brand new RTX 3080 graphics cards being used for mining. Although the pictures provided don’t paint the full picture of the entire cafe itself, you can count at least 80 RTX 3080 GPUs in the 3 images alone.

That’s a lot of brand new GPUs that are not in the hands of potential customers who have been wanting these new cards for months now but are practically unable to buy them due to extremely low stock.

Of course, if the internet cafe was seriously struggling with money then they could have just sold the graphics cards. But judging by this crypto mining rig behemoth earlier this year, operating costs would be recouped in 7 months, and so it’s easy to think that the business saw crypto mining as a much more profitable strategy in the long term.

What do you think? Is it okay for businesses to figure out how to stay afloat like this? Or should they have just sold the GPUs instead? Let us know your thoughts!