Amazon's New World Fantasy MMO has been delayed until August, Closed Beta begins in July

Written by Chad Norton on Wed, Feb 17, 2021 10:00 AM
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Amazon’s upcoming Fantasy MMO New World has once again been delayed, but this time with a more concrete idea of when it will actually release. In a new blog post, the developers revealed why they have delayed it again, but also revealed that a Closed Beta will begin this Summer.

Amazon’s New World will now officially launch on August 31st with a Closed Beta beginning on July 20th. You can access the New World Closed Beta by pre-ordering the game either through Amazon or Steam. Check out the new developer diary below for a sneak peek of what’s to come:

It looks like a lot has been added/changed to New World based on current player feedback, including a big focus on endgame content. There’s some new areas and modes, plus revamps and overhauls of core systems, all of which will be included in the Closed Beta.

We’ve been hard at work on compelling end-game features we believe are important to include at launch,” the blog post says. “These features won’t be ready for the Spring timeframe that we had communicated. With that in mind, we will release New World on August 31, 2021. With this extra time we’ll be able to add these substantial improvements while polishing and fine tuning the whole game before we open Aeternum’s shores to the world.

Alpha testing will continue for the next few months and will be expanded with the introduction of EU servers on March 30th. More information on new content for New World will be revealed over the coming months.

What do you think? Are you excited for Amazon New World? Have you been playing the Alpha? What do you think of it so far? Does the new content look interesting to you? Will you be playing the Closed Beta? Let us know!

Are you excited for New World?

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19:47 Feb-18-2021

From what I've seen so far.. it's gonna end up the same as all the other amazon games. Completely unoriginal, uninteresting, brings completely nothing to the table that would make it worth playing. I'll continue following the development, but I'm afraid that it's already doomed

admin approved badge
23:08 Feb-17-2021

Not really excited, I mean I am curious what they came up with, but they still have a lot to learn. Hopefully they at least stopped chasing trends almost half a decade too late and actually improved things people complained about in first beta and built upon that. Delay is nice, hopefully they will take their time to polish things. Since you only get one chance at first impressions.

17:20 Feb-17-2021

Best decision considering how other projects ended up releasing


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