If there’s one thing worse than not being able to buy the shiny new hardware you want because of low stock, it’s a significantly increased price tag when that shiny new hardware eventually is in stock. Most of these problems boil down to various issues like GPU component shortages or increased tariff prices, but can also be linked to the massive boom in cryptocurrency mining.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, it seems that one specific brand is now publicly endorsing crypto mining with their own graphics cards, which will surely not make the whole situation better.

In comes Zotac, a graphics card manufacturer that has recently endorsed mining with their own RTX 3070 GPUs and even tagged the post with the hashtag “#PcGaming” like as if mining cryptocurrency has anything to do with gaming at all (also, is it just me, or does seeing a lower-case “c” in “Pc” just make you feel uncomfortable?).

The Tweet above has since been taken down, but thankfully some clever internet sleuths had the foresight to capture a screenshot before it happened. I would usually give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it was a mistake tagging PCGaming in the post, but the first line literally says "an army of #ZOTACGAMING GPU's hungry for coin!", so it definitely wasn't a slip of the tongue.

Whilst Zotac isn’t doing anything illegal here, and there’s nothing wrong with endorsing cryptocurrency mining (they are a business looking to make more money after all) it certainly doesn’t help the current climate of low GPU stock and high premium prices everywhere. 

But if Zotac is really pushing for this, it’s possible that they might start selling directly to crypto miners, much like the RTX 30-powered laptop manufacturers have been doing recently as well. Meaning gamers have even less of a chance for getting the new GPUs.

It also has obviously caused quite a stir among the gaming community, with many pouring outrage into the comments of the post, hence why it was eventually taken down.

What do you think? Is it okay for Zotac to publicly endorse crypto mining? Do you think it will significantly impact GPU stock and prices? Let us know your thoughts!

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