Developers Strabreeze once did very well for themselves with the successful run of Payday 2, but multiple issues with the studio in the past few years have not been looking bright with worries of a total studio closure at one point. However, it looks as if the studio has now turned around, and Payday 3 is still in active development.

According to their latest quarterly financial report, Starbreeze did quite well in 2020 thanks to new content releases for Payday 2 as well as a growing community of players: “Our Payday franchise and 'games as a service model' really showed their muscles during the year with several successful releases of content for Payday 2,” said Tobias Sjogren, the current CEO.

By late December [2020], Payday 2 had become the biggest game community on Steam, with 7.1 million members. We have executed two capital raises during the year and paid off a large proportion of our debts, strengthened our financial position and thus enabling the continued successful development of Payday 3 in 2021—all key steps in putting Starbreeze back on the map as an industry leader.

The Payday 2 community has remained incredibly active for a game that launched just over 7 years ago, and it’s clear that Payday 3 is a very special project for Starbreeze that they want to take their time with: “This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business and we will treat it accordingly,” said a representative for Starbreeze. “Updates in the near future might be scarce and far between. You simply don't rush Payday 3.

That statement was made in 2017, when Payday 3 was officially announced. It’s still set to release in 2022-2023 it seems as there was no update on a release date in the financial report, but the only other thing we know about it is that it will be using the Unreal Engine this time round.

After Overkills The Walking Dead lost its partnership with Skybound and was ultimately cancelled, the studio faced many issues that hinted at troubled development and management. Thankfully it seems the studio has turned around, and is on track to release even more content for Payday 2 up to the launch of Payday 3.

What do you think? Are you excited for Payday 3? Do you still play Payday 2? Let us know!

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