Valheim once again breaks more records as peak concurrent players soar past 500K

Written by Neil Soutter on Mon, Feb 22, 2021 2:30 PM
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Last week the Viking survival game Valheim had broken more records by achieving 3 million players in less than 3 weeks. That was pretty significant for an indie game in Early Access to say the least. However it has once again broken even more records by reaching 500,000 peak concurrent players over the weekend, coming close behind multiplayer overlords DOTA 2 and CSGO.

Valheim is now the 5th game ever to achieve more than 500K concurrent players on Steam. Only 4 other games have ever managed to reach past that number including: Cyberpunk 2077, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. Those are some pretty big titles and the fact that Valheim has managed to join them is no small feat.

But breaking that down even more is where some more interesting stats come in. Valheim is the only game of those top 5 to have an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review rating on Steam. Valheim’s 96% positive rating is far ahead of the next best competitor with CSGO at 88% positive reviews.

To put this into perspective, it took CS:GO nearly 3 years in order to reach 500K players, and took DOTA 2 nearly 2 years. Like we said before, it took PUBG (which has the highest all-time peak concurrent players on Steam) over 3 months to reach that same number.

What’s more is that at 2000 reviews on Steam when Valheim released, the review score was at 96% positive. After 70,000 more reviews since then you’d think the rating to go down a tad, but the score has remained the same at 96% positive still.

Iron Gate Studios, the developer of Valheim, will apparently be expanding the 5-person dev team in order to meet the demands of millions of players, and have recently commented on the game’s success:

We had a feeling that it would sell pretty well, at least to sustain us, you know. But it being a million seller, and now two million seller, is something we could never have guessed,” said Henrik Tornqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios. “It's quite incredible, and very humbling also, I might add.

What do you think? Is this really the peak of Valheim? We’ve said that for 2 weeks now and the numbers keep growing. Will it be bigger than Cyberpunk 2077’s launch? Will it surpass the great multiplayer giants of DOTA and CSGO? Let us know!

Will Valheim keep growing?

Will Valheim overtake Cyberpunk 2077?

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admin approved badge
03:01 Feb-24-2021

It's only growing because streamers noticed the game. Like Among Us.

But at least this is a better choice. I'm glad small devs are getting noticed.

15:19 Feb-22-2021

Im not interested in survival games at all so naturally im going to skip this one, but its nice when small devs gets noticed.

17:43 Feb-22-2021

same :P

14:51 Feb-22-2021

I have no friends to play with, it seems like it's hella fun with pals...:(

11:03 Feb-23-2021

It's pretty fun solo too, don't skip the game just because you don't have anyone to play with. Give it a shot regardless


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