We all love video games and it’s great when a new game comes out that gets us excited, but platform exclusive titles suck. No matter what way you swing it, games that are exclusive to a specific platform means some people will end up not being able to play the games they want. Thankfully, Sony is bringing more first party PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform, but is that really a good thing?

There’s a lot of ways you can look at it, so let’s first start off with the negatives. Days Gone is the next PlayStation exclusive to make its way to PC, shortly after Horizon: Zero Dawn was also released on the PC platform last year and despite the rocky launch, still proved successful commercially and critically.

But the problem is that Sony announced Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to HZD, shortly before the first came to PC. It took over 3 years for the first game to come to PC, and after getting some PC players hooked on the first game, Sony has yet to reveal whether the sequel will also come to PC as well.

Platform exclusive games are generally done in order to drive sales of that platform. PlayStation exclusives drive players to purchase PlayStation consoles. Nintendo Switch exclusives drive players to buy Nintendo Switch consoles and so on…

So maybe Sony’s plan is to release last-gen PlayStation games on PC, and just as players get hooked, announce sequels to those games that are exclusive to PlayStation 5, enticing more PC players to buy a PS5.

It’s a win-win scenario for Sony, but only a half-win for PC players. In the end we still get the short end of the stick despite more previously-console exclusive titles coming to PC.

Then again, HZD is the only game to come from PlayStation to PC and get a sequel announcement around launch, so it's not like we’re working with a large pool of statistics here. There’s a good chance that Days Gone will get a sequel as PlayStation fans have been asking since release, and if Sony announces Days Gone 2 after the first one launches on PC, well that only furthers their track record.

Judging by how many PC players want the God of War series on PC over anything else, and God of War: Ragnarok was recently announced, connect the dots and you have a lot of people eager to get the sequel on a platform they haven’t bought… not yet at least.

What do you think? Are Sony PlayStation exclusives coming to PC a good thing? Is Sony just trying to persuade more gamers to buy the PlayStation 5 console by baiting them with PC ports? And do you think the sequels will eventually come to PC as well? Let’s debate!

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