Elden Ring is quite possibly one of the most anticipated games of all time, that’s mostly in part thanks to the long breath of silence ever since they announced it back in 2019. Seriously, not 1 lick of information has been revealed for the game since then other than ‘yup, they’re still working on it’.

Cut to today and we now see part of a leaked gameplay trailer making the rounds online. There’s some evidence to suggest that it’s real, and some to suggest that it’s fake. But if it is indeed real, then that means we might be getting a closer look at Elden Ring far sooner than we thought…

The trailer above may get taken down as soon as this article is uploaded, and since Twitter is home to many online users retweeting and spreading the videos before getting taken down a few minutes later as well, here’s an alternative link to one of the leaked videos in case any of them do get taken down.

It certainly looks pretty convincing, at least for a blurry, off-screen camera angle that is. It has the feel of a From Software game based on that. So it’s possible this could be the real deal. Additionally, many journalists across the media industry have already teased a possible reveal soon.

On the other hand, a subreddit online had already warned of these videos, claiming that a Discord group was working on a “fake leak” that they intended to spread via 4Chan or Twitter. That was over 2 weeks ago, and the post describes one of the videos above with a little accuracy. So it is possible that this trailer could be a fake leak.

Then again, if the power of all our collective consciousness can come together, maybe we can will a real Elden Ring update and gameplay trailer with our minds. It’s hopeful thinking, but I reckon it will work.

One thing that is certainly worth mentioning, is that the lack of any updates and long silence from the developer, From Software, is reportedly due to the project being delayed several times internally thanks to disruptions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One source apparently mentioned that it is unlikely for Elden Ring to release in 2021.

What do you think? Are you excited for Elden Ring? Do you think the above video leaks are fake? Or real? And if it’s real, when do you think we’ll see the proper thing? Let us know!

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