We are just a couple months away from the return of the Resident Evil series as RE8 is set to launch on May 7th. Up until now though we have yet to see any actual PC footage of the game, but courtesy of AMD, has now been revealed to support ray tracing as well as FidelityFX features on PC.

During AMD’s 3rd episode of “Where Gaming Begins”, the Red Team revealed the brand new RX 6700 XT aimed at 1440p gaming. However, during the event they also announced that the upcoming Resident Evil 8 will support ray tracing and FidelityFX technology. Skip to 9:44 in the video below for a quick look at the ray tracing tech in RE Village.

This raises a few questions, first of which is whether Resident Evil Village will support DLSS technology, as so far this has been a game changer for playing games at higher resolutions or with ray tracing or both. 

Secondly, does this mean AMD’s own DLSS-equivalent, FidelityFX Super Resolution, will be available by the time RE8 launches? So far rumors have pointed towards a March release date, but nothing has been talked about officially from AMD just yet, so it’s very much still just speculation.

Lastly, AMD also revealed their recommended specifications for Resident Evil 8, at least in terms of CPU and GPU specs for ray tracing and non-ray tracing graphics settings:

Resident Evil 8 AMD recommended specs - with ray tracing

Resident Evil 8 AMD recommended specs - without ray tracing

Looking at those above specs doesn’t exactly paint a good picture for Nvidia equivalent hardware. The RX 5700 is roughly equivalent to a GTX 1080, so we’re looking at the GTX 1080 possibly being the recommended graphics card for Resident Evil 8 on High graphics settings at 1080p resolution. Though we might see the Nvidia spec drop to a GTX 1070 if optimizations get better, but RE8 may well favor AMD hardware considering they are helping with the game.

On the ray tracing side of things, the RX 6800 XT is equivalent to an RTX 3080 in terms of performance, but things get a little more confusing here as the RX 6000 cards are currently slightly worse at ray tracing performance than the RTX 30 series equivalents. So it’s very possible we’ll see the Nvidia recommended spec for ray tracing here a little lower than that, but it’s not definite.

So with that information here are our very early Resident Evil 8 predicted system requirements for ray tracing and non-ray tracing specs:

Resident Evil 8 Game Debate early predicted system requirements

With ray tracing:

Without ray tracing:

Again, these are early predicted system requirements based on the AMD recommended specs released so far. Our predicted Nvidia hardware is also based on AMD equivalent hardware and does not take into account that the RX 6000 series is in its first generation of ray tracing performance, whilst the RTX 30 series is on its second.

Looking back at the Resident Evil 7 PC system requirements, we can see the recommended graphics card was a GTX 960 for no ray tracing since RE7 did not support ray tracing at launch. Judging by other games at the moment, a GTX 1060 for the recommended specs in RE8 wouldn't be too far fetched, but then the AMD recommended GPU would be an RX 580, not an RX 5700, at least in what we have seen for other game requirements.

So we would love to hear your own thoughts and predictions on the recommended hardware for Resident Evil 8 based on AMD's own recommended specs in the discussion area below! Do you think the official specs will be lower, the same, or higher for Nvidia?

All in all, so far Resident Evil 8 looks to be a pretty demanding game, and we’ll just have to wait and see when the official PC system requirements are revealed in the coming months.

What do you think? Are you excited for Resident Evil 8? Will you be enabling ray tracing in the game? What do you think the recommended specs will be for Nvidia with and without ray tracing? Let us know!

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"The RE engine scales really well, most gpus should have no problem hitting 1080p 60fps."
"RE Engine games tend to run well even on weaker hardware, but seeing the PS5 drop below 60 in the demo makes me think this game will be quite demanding"
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