As if some hardware manufacturers could not take a hint at this time, MSI has just decided to promote their new RTX 3080-powered gaming laptop for crypto mining - because customers want more ways to hate manufacturers right now.

Zotac recently came under fire for promoting their own RTX 3070 graphics cards for mining cryptocurrency, something that quickly caused them to take the post down after significant backlash. MSI hasn’t taken the post down so far, and it’s unclear if they eventually will, but did they not see what happened to Zotac before?

The problem mostly comes from the fact that right now PC gamers are struggling to get their hands on any of the new graphics cards, especially the RTX 30 series. And when they do, their price is often inflated by a significant amount.

Whilst this can come down to a few factors, crypto mining is almost certainly one of the big reasons as miners have been buying graphics cards in the dozens, and have even switched over to RTX 30-powered laptops when there were no more GPUs to buy. So MSI promoting it on their new laptop seems very insensitive of the company, especially since they are also affected by the GPU shortages.

However, MSI does take a more laid back approach to their promotion, as the title of the article suggests, it is just a “mining experiment with MSI gaming laptop” so they’re not actively saying that this is the best laptop to use for crypto mining. But instead they are just running a month-long experiment to see how well it performs.

One attraction to cryptocurrency mining is the idea of passive income, and for those who already own 1 or 2 GPUs that can mine cryptocurrency on the side when they’re not using it for gaming that’s a pretty good idea, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. MSI even states that you could “increase passive income and enjoy the game titles at the same time.

So it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to sell dozens of these laptops to those who want to make an entire mining farm out of it, but instead just want to let the average customer know that these laptops will provide passive income on the side. But then surely that’s still promoting crypto mining to potential mining farms?

It’s a grey area for sure, so what do you think? Is this a bad idea for MSI? Are they effectively promoting more crypto mining with their laptops? Or is this just a harmless experiment meant for the average gamer? Let us know your thoughts!

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