UPDATE: Rumours of Microsoft's potential acquisition of chat and community client Discord appear to be gathering steam, with the Wall Street Journal now corroborating the reports. 

According to the WSJ, Microsoft is already in the advanced stages of negotiation with Discord for the buyout, with an expected figure of around $10 billion. If the talks progress smoothly, a deal could be inked as soon as next month. 

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer is said to be directly involved with the negotiations and so this would appear to be a very gaming-focused acquisition for Microsoft, and the Seattle giant's biggest purchase since it bought out LinkedIn for $26 billion back in 2016. 

Many are understandably worried about Microsoft getting its hands on Discord. Its track record on this front hasn't exactly been great, as Skype users can attest, but perhaps MS will have a bit more luck with an Xbox division currently riding a high.

Original: 23-Mar-2021 - Popular gaming community platform Discord is allegedly being shopped around to prospective buyers, with Microsoft appearing to be first in line for a dramatic $10 billion acquisition. If only we’d seen this coming...

Discord, as most of you are no doubt aware, is a free video, voice and text chat service specifically designed for gamers, but which has since branched out into all sorts of community hubs for just about anything. For Microsoft, last year’s failed purchase of TikTok probably still stings so the Seattle giant is almost certainly in the market for more social apps.

Various sources close to Discord have kicked around the potential for Microsoft buying Discord, although they haven’t also ruled out Discord going public and hitting the stock exchange.

Microsoft’s appetite for acquisitions doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing and they certainly tick the boxes of terms of having the wealth and utility to capitalise on owning a platform such as Discord.

For Microsoft, the benefits are fairly obvious. Discord has more than 300 million users, 6.7 million active servers, and a community laser-targeted for their interest in gaming. Between Discord, Skype, and Teams, they’d certainly have all their entertainment and business bases covered. Throw in Xbox integration for Discord and that $10 billion figure begins to look a bit of a steal.

Whatever Discord’s decision, however, you can bet Microsoft won’t be the only one sniffing around a purchase. Access to 300 million users is going to attract all sorts of interest, including from the likes of Facebook and Amazon. This’ll certainly be one to keep an eye on if it pans out.

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What do you think then, if Discord does sell itself, do you think Microsoft will be at the front of the pack? What do you think this could mean for the future of the service?

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