MMOs are one of the biggest multiplayer experiences you can find in gaming. They regularly top the charts in revenue and popularity, with World of Warcraft consistently remaining as the biggest and most successful MMO of them all. They’re also a very acquired taste, but there are some non-MMO games out there that would make for a fantastic MMO experience.

But not all games would make a great MMO unfortunately. Whilst it’s easy to just translate a single player title to a multiplayer experience, that can often ruin the type of immersion the game was going for in the first place.

Take The Last Of Us for example: a world full of dangerous creatures, whilst you fight your through them all. Maybe you come across another bandit camp of other players, who instead of following their typical quest have decided to hunker down and capture any stray players in the area, looting for their supplies and surviving in their own way in the post apocalypse.

However, having hundreds of Joels around trying to get 1 child to a certain location would break the immersion slightly - a problem that all MMOs have: when you're told you are the chosen one only to open the doors and find 100 chosen ones who have already done what you are doing right now. Sure you can come up with a different narrative, but my point is that not all games would make a great MMO simply by turning it into a massive multiplayer experience.

Personally, I think The Witcher would be a great franchise to turn into an MMO. Forget the world ending stuff, just give players a massive open world, have them choose and customize their own Witcher, and take on random contracts throughout the world to slay various different beasts.

A lot of MMOs also have different origins/backstories, and guess what? The Witchers have their own schools of training. It’s almost like all the pieces are starting to line up…

But that’s just my opinion. I’m in no way a capable game designer who could make their own MMO game, let alone make sure it would actually be a good game. But it sure is fun to think about.

So now over to you guys! What non-MMO games would make for a great MMO? Do you play many MMOs? Do you play them regularly? If not, then why not? And would one of these games as an MMO entice you to try it? Let’s debate!

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