Verdun developers reveals Isonzo - WW1 multiplayer shooter set on the Italian front

Written by Jon Sutton on Thu, Mar 25, 2021 8:43 AM
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Verdun and Tannenberg developer Blackmill Games has led the charge this morning with the announcement of Isonzo, an all-new 64-player online team shooter set during World War 1. Centred around the towering mountains of northern Italy, Isonzo appears to take the series’ trademark slow-paced yet chaotic FPS combat and gives it a fantastic lick of paint.

The Great War on the Italian Front will present some iconic Italian battles, including mountaintop assaults, frenetic running fights through the sun-kissed town of Gorzia, and fraught river crossings. 

There look to be plenty of tweaks to the formula for this outing, including wire cutters, rifle grenades, and hand-operated mortars. One of WW1 Isonzo’s biggest changes will be the addition of the new Offensive game mode, which all sounds a bit like a grander scale Rush (for you Battlefield fans). Players will work their way through major historical clashes on shifting battlefields, including a fight for Ponte di Salcano bridge, storming towns, and battling along the perilous cliff edges of the Adriatic coast.

“As with our previous games, we will ensure Isonzo is as historically accurate as possible for you to fully immerse yourself in the environment and circumstances of these unique battles during World War One,” writes the QQ1 Game Series team. “Through extensive research, field trips, and advice from knowledgeable historians we’ve made sure to bring the details of the scenery, uniforms, weapons and more to life.”

Isonzo is currently scheduled to come to PC later in 2021.

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10:43 Mar-25-2021

I play Verdun form time to time. It is a decent WW1 shooter! Looking forward to this one too!!


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