Intel is currently working on their first official desktop graphics cards set to rival both Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market. So far we’ve only little tidbits of information, but Intel has now officially revealed some of the specs for each different GPU, including the amount of Execution Units, memory configurations, and a total of 5 different SKUs.

The information comes from Intel itself as they have updated their repository website with new details on the DG2 graphics cards. Unfortunately none of these files are accessible without an official NDA, and even then is only limited to system integrators or laptop manufacturers etc. However, you can search for these files and find some interesting information inside them.

Intel DG2 desktop GPU specs

The first major news bit is that there will be at least 5 different SKUs in total, with a mix of laptop and desktop configurations. The 3 confirmed desktop GPUs include variants of 512 EUs, 384 EUs, and 128 EUs.

In graphics card manufacturing, different companies will obviously have different architectures powering their hardware. But this also results in a different configuration for Cores and Shading Units. As such, comparing the amount of cores/shading units to other graphics cards from different companies will never accurately detail how they will perform in comparison.

With that said, EUs stand for Execution Units, the cores of Intel’s graphics architecture. It is also said to have 8 Shading Units per EU, and so if there are no changes to the architecture then we’re looking at 4096 Shading Units for the first 512 EU graphics card, and 3072 and 2048 Shading Units for the 384 and 128 EU variants respectively.

Intel DG2 desktop GPU memory configurations

The memory configurations for the Intel DG2 graphics cards have also been seemingly leaked thanks to the repository update. With this information along with the other details above and more, we can now accurately map out the five DG2 graphics cards planned so far.

The flagship model of the DG2 lineup seems to have 16GB of VRAM on a 256-bit Memory Bus, as well as a TGP of up to 150W.

GPU Execution Units Shading Units Memory size Memory type Bus Width TGP
SKU1 512 4096 16GB GDDR6 256-bit Up to 150W
SKU2 384 3072 12GB 192-bit -
SKU3 256 2048 8GB 128-bit -
SKU4 128 1024 4GB 64-bit -
SKU5 96 768 Up to 120W

So that’s all we know so far regarding Intel’s upcoming DG2 graphics card. We’ll have to wait and see what performance is actually like, but so far rumors are putting it close to the RTX 3070 in terms of performance (most likely for the flagship model), or even the AMD RX 6000 series.

Either way, it’s exciting to have a new and official player in the graphics card market, as more competition will not only increase availability to customers in a global chip shortage, but will also help to create more competitive pricing in the future - that is, after the chip shortage stops causing GPU prices to rise again.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel’s DG2 graphics card? How much do you think each SKU will cost? And when do you think we can see them in action? Let us know your thoughts!

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