The upcoming looter shooter from People Can Fly may be kicking off the biggest games coming out in April 2021, but when exactly are you going to be able to play it? And when can you start pre-loading the game? Well, luckily that information has now been revealed so we can get started playing as soon as possible.

Outriders is launching worldwide on April 1st for PC and Stadia (and consoles), and will be releasing at the exact same time for everyone (as in, the game will unlock at different times for each country/region so everyone can start playing it at the same time. Yes, I know, confusing right? That’s time zones for you eh).

Outriders PC launch time

Outriders will launch at exactly 9am PDT on April 1st for those living on the US West Coast like Los Angeles, or 12pm EDT for those living on the US East Coast like New York. For anyone in the UK that is 5pm the same day, or 6pm for everyone living in Central Europe. For anyone living in Australia however, that will be 3am the following day on April 2nd.

Unlock time 9am 12pm 5pm 6pm 3am
Launch date April 1st April 2nd

Apparently, these different time zone launches are due to the way Steam works, as Steam can only release a game at a single, specific time globally due to how the store is set up. It’s also interesting to see the reasoning behind the launch time, which is carefully chosen by Square Enix to “ensure that the maximum amount of support and partner staff are on hand to deal with any launch day issues.

Outriders PC pre-load time

Unfortunately, People Can Fly was not able to detail the exact time you can start pre-loading the game as they are “still determining our preload options”. But given the fact that the game literally launches in 2 days time, we can expect an update on that either later today or tomorrow.

We will update this part of the article if and when the information is revealed.

What do you think? Are you excited for Outriders? Will you be playing on launch day? Did you play the demo already? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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