Cheaters suck, and unfortunately when it comes to online multiplayer games, there is bound to at least be one. Some companies have come up with clever ways to deal with cheaters, whilst others have a zero tolerance ban on cheaters. Either way, we want to know exactly how often do you encounter cheaters in multiplayer games?

With EA Play now available on Game Pass for PC, I decided to finally give Battlefield V a proper chance. I had played it once during a free weekend but couldn’t get the hang of it and never picked it up afterwards. But now I can play at my leisure and I’m having a really good time.

So after about 20 hours of playing, I suddenly get dropped into a lobby where our team is just getting battered. I mean properly slaughtered. I run up to a piece of cover, spot some guy in the window, aim my sights over him, fire, and then die instantaneously.

At first I thought this was just my terrible reflexes or a hitch in my internet connection, but after playing for a while I realised this player was invincible and was just mowing down my entire team. Then after a while I discovered he was not only invincible, but he was teleporting around the map, snapping his aim onto enemies instantly, killing them with one shot from an infinite magazine.

It’s fair to say that we didn’t win that fight.

But despite being a fairly old game (at least old by Battlefield standards) I was surprised to see that it was the only cheater I had seemingly encountered. By my memory I had not encountered a cheater before (at least to my knowledge) in any Battlefield game ever, granted I never really played as much of it as I did Call of Duty (I know, I’m disgusted too).

That got me thinking though: with all the rampant allegations of cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone, and any other competitive multiplayer game, I wanted to see how often the average player has actually ever encountered a cheater in an online game, and how much it ruined the experience.

Nobody likes a cheater of course, that’s why People Can Fly have taken it pretty seriously and implemented a very unique way of dealing with cheaters in Outriders. But what other ways could developers prevent and punish cheaters? 

Sometimes it’s just a kid trying to have some fun, and as much as cheaters suck the joy out of playing a game, sometimes these people make a mistake and they have the right to learn from their mistakes and never do it again. Growing from failure is much more important than outright banning someone, and cheaters generally pop right back up with a new account and fresh game key to start all over again. So what can be done?

What do you think? How often do you encounter cheaters in multiplayer games? How much do cheaters affect your gameplay/enjoyment in a game? And what else can be done to prevent cheaters in multiplayer games? Let’s debate!