As the hype built up for the final release of Cyberpunk 2077, we saw many Cyberpunk-themed games coming out fast and furious in the last few years. Although most of them tried to replicate the Cyberpunk themes and aesthetic of a dystopian tech-noir cityscape, one of the most successful and most surprising releases last year was Cloudpunk, and a new DLC is coming out soon that promises to be equivalent to a sequel in terms of size and scope.

If you were a fan of Cloudpunk, then that is pretty enticing. Rarely do we ever see a DLC come out for a game that promises the same amount of content as the base game, but City of Ghosts will apparently deliver. Check out the official announcement trailer for a sneak peek:

Return to Nivalis with new characters, a new story and new features. Play as both Rania and new character Hayse as their intertwining stories blend corporate intrigue, the criminal underworld and a terrifying mystery.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts is a fully voiced campaign that is apparently “even longer than the base game.” There’ll be new characters and areas available in Nivalis, as well as street races which you can compete in. The base game had vehicle customization to some extent, but the DLC will let you go further with this in order to “craft the perfect racing vehicle.” There’ll also be multiple endings depending on your choices made throughout the DLC.

It might be a DLC, but City of Ghosts has a sequel’s worth of content,” said developer Ion Lands’ Studio Head, Marko Dieckmann. “It’s a darker, tenser, more complex story, and we can’t wait for people to experience it.

As to when PC players can get their hands on the Cloudpunk City of Ghosts DLC, it’s apparently “coming soon”, so we’ll have to wait and see for the actual release date. But hey, the base game is currently 40% off on Steam until April 7th

What do you think? Are you excited for Cloudpunk City of Ghosts? Did you play the base game? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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