Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated game after leaving Konami first debuted on the PlayStation 4 console, but it wasn’t long until a PC version was finally released. It was published by 505 Games on PC and as it turns out did really well, according to 505’s parent company Digital Bros.

According to their most recent financial report that details the gross revenue of “Premium Games”, as of December 31st 2020 Death Stranding generated $27 million, just 6 months after releasing on PC.

That may not seem like a lot considering the calibre of some of the game’s Hollywood stars would not have come cheap, plus all the marketing that went into Kojima’s next game, but Death Stranding’s PS4 debut meant that hardcore fans would have to buy on console to play it first and would have no incentive to buy on PC later.

Still though, that wouldn’t account for a whole lot of revenue, so it’s hard to tell if this was really good or not. What is interesting is that Control apparently generated more revenue in a shorter amount of time, but then again that game released on multiple platforms including PC and console at the same time.

Hopefully this will help Sony’s move to bring more first-party games to the PC platform, which started off with DS but mostly debuted with Horizon: Zero Dawn. As for what’s next, Days Gone will be coming to PC sometime this Spring. And whatever Kojima has cooking up next, we know it will most likely come to PC again as the legendary developer has "a lot of affection towards PC".

What do you think? Did you play Death Stranding on PC or console? Does that revenue sound like a lot? And what could be next for Kojima Productions and the future of Sony games coming to PC? Let us know your thoughts!

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