Outriders first major patch aims to improve performance, fix inventory bugs and more

Written by Chad Norton on Fri, Apr 9, 2021 11:00 AM
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The launch of Outriders didn’t exactly go very smoothly with many bugs and performance problems plaguing the first week’s experience, not to mention the constant disconnects and certain players unable to even play the game. Thankfully, the first major patch is due out next week and aims to improve performance, fix inventory bugs and more.

First of all, along with the big patch due out next week players will be receiving a “Community Appreciation Package” to say thank you for sticking through the Outriders launch issues and server problems. A date for exactly when players will be receiving this package is still being figured out though.

Anyone who has logged into Outriders between March 31st and April 11th will receive the thank you bundle that includes a level appropriate Legendary Weapon, a level appropriate amount of Titanium, and the ‘Frustration’ emote - which is apparently unobtainable in the game as of now, “the irony here was not intentional but is fitting” Square Enix said.

One of the biggest bugs that Square Enix is trying to resolve is the inventory wipe bug, which does as it says on the tin. Although SE sounded like they haven’t fully resolved the issue, they did say that it “should be greatly reduced” in the patch next week. After the bug is fixed a “mass restoration” event will take place and hopefully bring back most of what was lost.

Note that restoration will not be possible for items that were acquired but where the game connection was terminated before an autosave could complete as those items would never have made it into your server inventory/our logs. Such suspended autosaving is noticeable when the yellow autosave icon stays active for a longer period of time.

The good news is that even though only a certain amount of wiped inventory items will be restored, and the problem may not be fixed entirely in the foreseeable future, Square Enix plans to introduce a system that will help bring back items on a per case basis: “for any individual restorations that were missed, or that occur in future, we plan to equip our teams to help on an ad hoc basis.

Other updates include fixes to multiplayer stability and connection issues, as well as some re-balancing that will affect loot drops as well as some class nerfs including the Trickster and Technomancer. The developers still want players to have that “overpowered feel” on their best builds, but want to make sure that “there is build diversity in the top performing builds.

It's uncertain as to whether these changes will prove too strong or too weak, so please do consider this to be only the first step, as we will continue monitoring and adjusting them in the future. Just like you, we hope to see more inspiring and crazy combinations of Abilities and Mods!

The release date for the big patch has not been revealed, but it will be arriving next week at some point and should hopefully come as soon as possible. A confirmed release schedule will be announced sometime soon though.

If you want to have a look at the full patch notes for the first big update for Outriders, then you can check them out below:

PC & Console Platforms:

  • Once platforms have been updated to the same patch version, cross-play across platforms will become viable again
  • Overall stability improvements for the matchmaking service
  • Crash Fixes
    • Will Fix a multiplayer crash that could result in client players having their inventory wiped
    • Will fix the crash when completing the "A Bad Day" side quest.
    • Will fix the crash that occurs in No Man's Land when your language is set to Spanish (Yes, we know. Video game code is a magical thing).
    • Will fix crash on launch issues
    • Will include many more "random" crash fixes
      • We are confident that these fixes will address the majority of crashes reported, as there are only a handful of root causes but the crashes they generate appear in a number of places.
  • Will fix the HUD disappearing in certain cases
  • Will fix bugs that interfere with players re-spawning in multiplayer Expeditions
  • Will fix bugs with players getting stuck on geometry (including when using Gravity Leap) or falling out of the world.
  • Will change the default matchmaking setting from "Open" to "Closed".
    • You will still be able to manually change this setting to "Open" through your game settings
    • This change will prevent players from joining games where the host didn't intend to play in multiplayer. It will also cut down on AFK lobbies
    • This will also help improve matchmaking times, as the queues will be less likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of constant matchmaking requests generated by "open" games.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

PC Specific:

  • Will Fix a performance issue where GPU is not being fully utilized. This should help with stuttering and DX11/12 issues

What do you think? Have you been playing Outriders since launch? What do you think of the game so far? Have you encountered any bugs? How bad have they been? And will this patch fix all or most of them for you? Let us know!

Have you been playing Outriders since launch?

What do you think of the game so far?

Have you encountered bugs during gameplay?

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00:02 Apr-11-2021

I enjoyed the demo. This was handled very poorly with square enix focusing on the online consistent component instead of stability of the game. They wanted to make sure the game wouldn't be cracked and sadly this prevented nothing as day 1 a online workaround was found to let people play the game for free with multiplayer ON steam. It was patched but the damage was done. People who bought the game were mad that they got stuck with cheaters who modded games that didn't pay.


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