Outriders inventory wipe bug has been drastically reduced, but still remains an issue

Written by Stuart Thomas on Tue, Apr 13, 2021 11:36 AM
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Square Enix’s recent looter-shooter released just under 2 weeks ago with some rocky launch issues. Since then, some of the problems have been fixed, notably crossplay, but a massive problem still remains: the random inventory wipes. Square Enix says that the issue has now been “drastically reduced”, but it still remains a problem nonetheless.

In a recent thread for Outriders on Reddit, SE said that the inventory wipe issue “is our top priority,” and revealed they have made several changes to the server in order to prevent the bug from occurring, something which should now “drastically reduce” the frequency of the bug, but not completely eliminate it.

We're seeing many of these reports appear to be specifically related to starting a multiplayer session from the Expeditions Outrider camp. If you're concerned that this issue may happen to you we recommend avoiding this setup for the time being as this greatly reduces the likelihood of the issue occurring,” the developers said.

However, we're continuing to dig deeper into this issue, so any further details that you can provide if you've been affected will help us better understand this problem.

Although the issue seems to occur more often in that specific situation, Square Enix did warn the bug has been reported during other areas as well. Most notably, singleplayer seems to have a lower chance of encountering the bug compared to multiplayer, but “it does not appear to be immune.

If you do happen to find yourself encountering the bug and losing all your inventory, Square Enix has suggested a “potential prevention method” which may help save your items and gear from being wiped completely. Essentially, when you notice that your inventory has been wiped, then quickly force-close the game (not quit the game, specifically force-close) and then start it up again. This at least gives you a chance to possibly get your stuff back.

If you’re not lucky, then there’s at least an upcoming inventory restoration event that will hopefully bring back most of your gear that was lost due to the bug. Though there is no planned date for that event just yet.

Aside from that, here’s your friendly PSA to remind you to check your crash dump folder for Outriders, as some users have been reporting massive dumps of up to 23GB.

What do you think? Have you encountered the inventory wipe bug in Outriders? How frustrating is it? And have you tried the ‘potential prevention method’ and did it work? Let us know!

Have you encountered the inventory wipe bug in Outriders?

Did you try the prevention method and did it work?

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13:16 Apr-13-2021

LMAO a looter-shooter where the loot disappears xDDDD


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