Sony recently announced that Days Gone, one of their PlayStation-exclusive titles, will be coming to PC in Spring in a bid to bring more first party Sony titles to the platform. Now we have an official launch date along with details on what the PC port will bring in terms of platform-specific features.

Days Gone will officially launch on PC on May 18th with numerous enhancements including native 4K support, ultrawide monitor support, unlocked frame rates, improved graphical details as well as a “Super Resolution Photo Mode”. You can check out the PC features trailer below:

More specifically, those improved graphics include increased level of details, field of view, and foliage draw distances. Thankfully, Days Gone doesn’t seem to be that demanding on PC hardware, with the official PC system requirements needing a GTX 1060 graphics card for the recommended settings.

What do you think? Are you excited for Days Gone on PC? Did you play it on PlayStation before? Or will this be your first playthrough? Let us know!

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