IO Interactive faced a tough challenge last year, as the studio went independent after the release of Hitman 2, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also struck and presented new challenges for the company. However, despite all the obstacles and pressure, their latest entry in the Hitman series was apparently 3 times as successful as their previous entry.

That means Hitman 3, the first self-published game from IO Interactive, was 300% more successful than Hitman 2. For the studio that’s a massive win, on top of the critically acclaimed reviews for the third installment in the Hitman reboot trilogy known as ‘The World of Assassination’.

The first Hitman of the reboot trilogy was a commercial flop, at least from publisher Square Enix’s point of view, which subsequently meant they dropped the IP. What a long way the studio has come since then though, as Hitman 3 made all of its money back in just one week.

If there's something that IO knows how to do, it's a Hitman game,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive. “It's just like saying 'I know Kung Fu', we know Hitman.

Right now, IOI is taking a break from the Hitman franchise in order to work on their upcoming James Bond game known as Project 007. The success of Hitman III though has spurred on the expansion of the developer, with a new studio opening in Barcelona, Spain, who will support development on Project 007 as well as more Hitman content in the future and even a new, unannounced IP.

What do you think? Did you play Hitman 3? Are you excited for more projects from IO Interactive? What new unannounced IP could they be working on? Let us know your thoughts!

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