The Xbox Game Pass regularly adds new games to the roster of available titles, opening up the platter of available games to a more varied diet (I’m not sure that was a good metaphor). Anyway, here are the games that Microsoft has revealed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon on PC and consoles.

Most notably, the recently released Destroy All Humans! Remake as well as the Early Access game Second Extinction will be coming to Game Pass on PC next week. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to get an invite to the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta though, then you can enjoy Fable 3 again on your PC!

Here’s the rundown of all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass soon:

Game Platform Date
MLB The Show 21 Cloud + Console Available now
Phogs! PC April 22
Second Extinction PC + Cloud + Console April 28
Destroy All Humans! Remake April 29
Fable 3 Cloud April 30
Fable Anniversary

It really is a shame that some games only come to Game Pass on consoles and some only on PC, but with the introduction of Xbox Cloud Gaming that could soon be a problem of the past! Fable 3 for instance is notoriously difficult to get on PC thanks to Microsoft removing the game from any storefront after they shut down their Games For Windows Live service.

In a perfect world each game would come out on every platform at the same time. Sadly, we have to make do with what we can get at the moment. But if we can start playing games on PC that aren’t available on PC anymore, then it’s a step in the right direction at least.

What do you think? Which game are you more excited to play on Game Pass? Will you be trying out the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta just to play Fable 3 on PC again? Let us know!

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