As their year’s worth of their Epic Games Store exclusivity deal ends, Saber Interactive’s hit mud-em-up simulation game is finally headed to Steam and the Microsoft Store in a few weeks, along with all the free content that has been released for all players up until now.

SnowRunner, the block-buster ultimate off-road driving experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, will be available on Steam and the Windows Store on May 18th,” said publisher Focus Home Interactive. The SnowRunner Steam page is now up so you can wishlist the game now if you want before it officially releases.

The great thing about this for those who waited, is that SnowRunner has been steadily receiving additional content completely free for all players. So by the time it hits Steam there will be a year’s worth of free content to also enjoy.

There is, of course, a Season Pass which adds even more content to the base game, which will also become available on Steam on May 18th but will still cost you. Season 4 (also known as Phase 4) from the Season Pass is still yet to come, but it's likely to release soon after the Steam launch.

What do you think? Are you excited to get SnowRunner on Steam? Have you played it on the Epic Games Store already? Or have you been waiting? Let us know!

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