The ongoing Apple vs Epic legal fight is bringing some very interesting information to light and offers a unique glimpse behind the curtains of one of PC’s most aggressive storefronts. And by aggressive, we’re talking about the sheer amount of money that Epic has spent on their own store, so much so that they are expected to lose $600 million by the end of the year and are completely fine with it.

But one other thing that the Epic Games Store is notoriously known for is their aggressive push for launch exclusives. As it turns out, in Epic’s “Review of Performance and Strategy” in October 2019, the document reveals just how much the company spent on exclusives, and the number is pretty staggering.

As of September 2019, Epic Games spent more than $1 billion on launch exclusives for their store, including timed launches.

For instance, the report details the EGS spent $542 million on exclusivity deals in 2019, with $444 million worth of exclusivity deals already lined up for 2020. That comes to $986 million, but then a further $52 million was already signed for 2021, bringing that total to just above $1 billion.

That was at the end of 2019 as well, just 1 year after the store launched on PC, so you can imagine just how much the company has spent since then. As the court battle continues we’ll likely hear about even more crazy numbers that Epic spent thanks to their ridiculous amount of income from Fortnite.

That amount is also so large, that the $11 million Epic Games spent on free game giveaways seems rather miniscule now. $1.4 million to give away one of the biggest games of the year? Pfft, that’s just pocket change to them now.

What do you think? Will Epic’s massive spending on exclusivity deals ever pay off? Do you think users will transition to their store at any point? What would they have to do to make that happen? Let us know!

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