The Metro series has slowly become a cult favorite, with the latest entry proving the most successful and diverse from the previous 2 entries. With the Enhanced Edition launching later today, what kind of graphics improvements can we expect? Thankfully, we now have a comparison video to show it off.

Thanks to the always helpful Cycu1 on YouTube, we can check out the official graphical improvements in the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, which showcases the enhanced lighting system which is completely ray traced. As such, the minimum required graphics card is an RTX 2060.

As for when exactly players can get their hands on the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition? (owners of the base game will receive the upgrade for free) The official Twitter account has stated that it will launch on PC at 3pm UTC, so here’s a quick chart to convert that into your time zone:

  US West (PDT) US East (EDT) UK (BST) EU (CEST) Australia (AEDT)
Time 8am 11am 4pm 5pm 1am
Date May 6th May 7th

What do you think? Are you excited for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition? Will you be playing it again for the upgrade? Or will you play it for the first time? And what do you think of the graphical improvements above? Worth it? Or not so much? Let us know!

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