Every year that rolls around we get brand new games and brand new PC hardware. This last year has been pretty difficult on everyone, so the prospect of actually buying any of the new games (since a lot are delayed) or even getting your hands on a desired piece of hardware is nigh impossible.

Despite that, we wanted to come up with a comprehensive list of games to play and benchmark your new PC in 2021, if you managed to get any new hardware. This is by no means an official list of the best video games to benchmark on, but is instead our pick for the best modern titles to test your PC on. 

But we absolutely welcome any and all feedback and suggestions from you guys in the discussion area below! So let us know if you have any better titles to benchmark your new PC on or even a completely reworked list of your own.

As for our top picks? Here’s our list of the first games to play and benchmark your new PC on in 2021…

  1. Cyberpunk 2077
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. Resident Evil 8
  4. Assassins Creed: Valhalla
  5. DOOM Eternal

We picked this list as a diverse entry of games that have and don’t have ray tracing and/or DLSS implementation. This is because if you buy a new PC today, chances are it would be with a ray tracing-capable GPU just because of the most recent hardware. However, in this current climate you’ll be hard pressed to even find one let alone pay the original MSRP for it. So a good range of ray tracing and non-ray tracing games gives us a decent range to test new hardware on.

CP2077, despite the launch issues and bugs, is now running a bit more stable since release. With some of the best looking ray tracing graphics and a stunning world, this game will absolutely push your new hardware to the limit. RDR2 also remains in this same category, but does not have any ray tracing graphics to choose from.

RE8 and AC Valhalla are two big games that have come out recently with good looking graphics and an open world to explore (the former more so for Resident Evil Village, the latter more for Valhalla). RE Village also has ray tracing, and both titles are a pretty demanding games for modern hardware, so being able to push out more frames at higher graphics settings/resolution always feels great.

And DOOM Eternal still remains as one of the best optimized games ever made, so here it’s mostly an indulgent title just to see how many hundreds of frames your new system can crank out compared to your old setup.

What do you think? What are the first games to play and benchmark your new PC on in 2021? Do you agree with our list? What other games would you choose to play first to test your new system? Let’s debate!

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