Although physical copies of games are still sold for consoles, PC gamers have long since had to deal with the ramifications of a mostly-digital marketplace. There’s pros and cons to either side, but now we have a whole plethora of stores and online shops to buy PC game keys from in 2021. But which one is the best? Let’s debate!

Of course there is the major contender, Steam, which is the biggest digital storefront on PC. They are pretty notorious for having lots of sales very regularly on all sorts of games, genres, developers, etc. But they don’t always offer the best deals.

As competitors, Steam has the Epic Games Store, Origin, Uplay, the Humble store, and GOG to look out for. All of which provide their own benefits and reasons for purchasing off their respective store.

For instance, Steam’s biggest competitor at the moment, the Epic Games Store, fights for more users every day so their sales often have very generous offers, like unlimited $10 coupons or crazy discounts and even free games! Ubisoft also offers an extra 20% discount on games if you spend currency you earn through Uplay achievements, so it’s essentially free money! And you get rewarded for playing their games. And GOG offers completely DRM-free games that you can play offline and forever, even if GOG shuts down.

Then on the other side, you have the very grey area of third-party key sellers. These sites often have fantastic deals all year round, but come under a lot of controversy and there are plenty of horror stories online that tell of users buying games only to receive already-used keys and not get a refund.

Then again, there are quite a few reputable sites, but considering the controversial nature of them and the sheer number, we’ll leave the list of 3rd-party sellers to you guys. In the polls below you can vote for your favorite official storefronts, and then debate in the discussion area below as to what the best 3rd-party seller is. Top comments will be favorited so we can see what the general census is.

What do you think? What is the best digital store for PC games in 2021? And what is the best third-party seller site? Do you buy a lot of digital games? Or do you prefer to still buy physical copies? Let’s debate!

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